​​Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

     - Knowledge & Skills Assessed

Group Class Location:

Wag'n Woofs Daycare

7071 Shady Oak Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

By submitting this registration, I acknowledge that I understand the intent of the services provided by the staff of pupDOGS Training, LLC ("pupDOGS") and any subcontractors. I agree that I and my heirs, assignees and legal representatives will not make any claims or commence a legal action against pupDOGS or pupDOGS's owners, officers, employees, agents, representatives, or any other person acting on pupDOGS's behalf, for injury or damage done to or by my dog(s) resulting from pupDOGS's interaction with me and/or my dog(s) or caused by pupDOGS.  I forever release pupDOGS from any and all liability and demands which I or my heirs, assignees and legal representatives may have, or may hereafter have, for injury or damage to or by my dog(s), and I assumes all risks thereof.   I acknowledge that obedience training/behavior modification may be an activity in which damage or injury to dog(s) and/or persons may occur.  I will assume full financial responsibility for the actions of my dog(s), including but not limited to medical expenses incurred by pupDOGS during the performance of the services provided.  I further acknowledge that my dog(s) may be exposed to a variety of environmental conditions which include, but are not limited to, vehicular travel, interaction with people and other animals, exposure to adverse weather, and exposure to areas with crowds and all types of traffic. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend pupDOGS regarding any claim or legal proceeding resulting in damage or injury caused by my dog(s).  I have read and understand the policies and procedures contained herein and agree to follow and abide by all policies and procedures. I hereby consent to and permit emergency treatment for illness or injury and assume all financial obligations resulting therefrom.

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Dogs of All Ages

Prerequisite:  Have taken at least one other pupDOGS Class

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