​​Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge & Skills Assessed

It's a Simple Set-Up

You will need:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera. 
    • Most modern devices have built-in cameras.  If yours does not, you will need a webcam.
  • A microphone (most devices have this built in), or a phone.
  • Internet, wi-fi, or unlimited cell data.

Once you scheduled for private training, I will send you a link to connect along with detailed instructions to  prepare for your session.

In many ways, online training is more effective than in-person training.  It allows dogs and their owners to learn without the distractions of an unfamiliar person in the house.  This can be stressful for many.  Whether the dog is anxious or excited, it takes time to help them calm down and get ready to learn.  With the reduced distractions of online learning, more training can be done in less time.

It gives you the advantage of one-on-one training without the expense of a home visit.

And let’s be honest, dog trainers have always been teaching the owners, not their dogs!  It's not about the hours you spend in class, it’s about the training that is done between lessons. 

  • Just like in-person training, Susan Ward will explain, demonstrate, coach, answer questions, and provide feedback. 
  • Best of all, online dog training sessions are recorded and provided to you at no extra cost.  You can review the exercises, recommendations, and homework in between classes.   ​
  • We can even have more than one webcam on the session so household members can call in from other locations!

Private Training

  • ​Initial Consultation - 90 minutes @ $150
  • Training Sessions - 60 minutes @ $110
    • ​Package of 3 sessions @ $315
  • Puppy Jump Start Package - 3 one-hour sessions @ $300
  • For more information, click here: Private Training
  • E-mail us to get started:   susan@pupdogs.com

Online Behavior Consultations