​​Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

     - Knowledge & Skills Assessed


Head Start Puppy
    Pups 8 to 16 weeks of age on 1st night
Kinder Puppy
     Pups between 17 weeks and 8 months
Real Life Manners

     Dogs over 7 months of age
Canine Good Citizens
     For graduates of Real Life Manners

Private Consultations

Serving the Twin Cities

and West Metro Areas

Private Consultations

Hedwig is getting help for her anxiety at home, where she feels safe..

..... Frodo is learning how to contain his

       excitement.  He's trying so hard!

By choosing a CPDT-KSA certified behavior specialist, you can be confident you are working with someone who has the knowledge and instructional skills to help you achieve your goals using dog-friendly techniques.

Private Training is Ideal For:

  • Behavioral issues: Aggression, Anxiety, Fearfulness....
  • Getting your Puppy or New Dog started on the fastest path. 
  • Those who find group training too distracting, exciting, or overwhelming.
  • Those who want more flexibility in scheduling rather than committing to a set class schedule.

Initial Consultation:  
90 minutes @ $150

  • What are the most important issues to you?
  • Assess the factors influencing your dog's behavior.
  • Discuss which training options will be the most effective and practical given your unique circumstances.
  • Begin management strategies to prevent or alleviate problems while the training progresses.

Training Sessions:  60 minutes @ $100 

   Packages of 3 sessions for $275 are available

  • Based on the information gathered at the initial consultation, training sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

Wyatt. a 5 month old, is learning how to walk nicely on leash.  

..... His mom is learning how to train him in

       the park they visit often. 

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Phone:   952-913-3170

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Private Consultations

  • Initial Behavior Consultation:  
    • 90 minutes @ $150

  • Training Sessions
    • 60 minutes @ $100
    • Or 3 sessions for $275

What would having a

well-behaved dog mean to you?

  • Peace of mind?
  • A less stressful home with a companion who has good manners?
  • Relief in knowing your dog will behave in socially acceptable ways?