​​Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

     - Knowledge & Skills Assessed

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

Socialization, Training, Activity, & Responsibility

As part of our KinderPuppy class, we administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test.  This is an incentive program for loving dog owners who have taken the time to train and socialize their puppies. The program is the puppy level of the AKC’s well-known Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.  

As a CGC Evaluator, Susan will observe and check off 20 items that represent puppies who have a good start towards well-mannered adult dogs.  All dogs are welcome to participate including purebreds and mixed breeds.  

For more information:  https://www.akc.org/starpuppy


Choose a date to begin Kinder Puppy.

  • Start any Thursday @ 6:00 p.m 
  • Pre-requisite:  Puppy Introduction

​Enrollment is limited to 10 puppies.

  • Your Paid Registration guarantees your enrollment for a block of Six Consecutive Weeks with your Choice of Start Dates. 
    • ​​See policy for missed classes​

Topics covered in class:

  • Think Teenager!  Attention to owners, Self control, Responsiveness around distractions....
  • Building the Foundation for Polite Manners: Come, Walk nicely on leash, Greetings with paws on the ground, Down...​
  • Stop the Nipping and Chewing
  • Raise a Well Socialized, Friendly adult dog.

​$120  ..... includes:

  • Puppy Introduction
  • 6 one-hour classes
  • 40 Page Handbook
  • Clicker

Kinder Puppy

Puppies 4 - 8 Months Old


Head Start Puppy

    Pups 8 to 16 weeks of age on 1st night
Real Life Manners
     Dogs over 7 months of age
Canine Good Citizens
     For graduates of Real Life Manners

Private Consultations:
     Training in your home


We limit our enrollment to 10 puppies (with two trainers) for each class.  This ensures that the participants receive appropriate attention and help from the trainers.  

Your registration fee guarantees you a spot in class for six weeks.  If you miss one of those weeks, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to make up the missed class.  That decision is made based on enrollment.  If there is an available spot after your six weeks, you are more than welcome to make up the missed class the week following your original graduation date.  But if our enrollment is full, that will not be possible.  We will be able to tell you if you can make up a missed class on your last scheduled night.  

This policy is needed to provide the best training experience for our clients while also addressing the needs of our business.

Add a Home Visit with Any Class

We will meet in your home for a one hour session addressing your specific concerns.  

Class Fee plus $90.00.
Contact us to schedule.

Kinder Puppy

Puppies 4 - 8 Months Old


Early and adequate socialization and positive training can go a long way to preventing behavior problems.  Our puppy classes offer a safe way of socializing puppies and improving their responsiveness to their owners.

Questions about vaccinations?
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists

Puppies 17 weeks to 8 months of age

Kinder Puppy


These classes are rolling admission.  No more waiting for a new six week session to start .  Our modular format allows new students to join at any time (as space allows - reservations are required).

Topics Covered:

  • Socialization: puppy playtime, people/children, handling, sounds, surfaces...
  • Self-Control: attention to owners, responsiveness around distractions, calming exercises...
  • Puppy Topics: nipping, house/crate training, grooming, excitability... 
  • Problem Prevention: jumping, counter-surfing, chewing...
  • Foundation Skills: come, loose leash walking, polite greetings... 

Our goal is to help you raise a
Well Socialized, Friendly Adult Dog!

Handler/pup teams come to us with individual needs and experiences.  This would be no different even if everyone in a class starts on the same day.  We will build upon your skills, no matter how much or how little your pup already knows.

Enrollment is limited to 10 puppies.  Please see Kinder Puppy Registration to verify openings.

Puppy Introduction

Group Class Location:

Wag'n Woofs Daycare

7071 Shady Oak Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


Choose a date to take the Introduction.

  • Held every most Thursdays @ 8:30 p.m. 
  • One night only.
  • Must attend before starting Kinder Puppy (unless you've already taken it)
  • Pick Two Dates on your Registration Form:
    • Date to take Introduction
    • Date to start Kinder Puppy

  • Puppies stay home
  • ​Cost is included with Kinder Puppy Class

Designed specifically to meet the needs of adolescent puppies.  Each week we focus on adolescent training topics that cover socialization, self-control, puppy issues, problem prevention and foundation skills.  

These classes are rolling admission.  No more waiting for a new six week session to start .  Our modular format allows new students to join at any time (as space allows - reservations are required).

Start any Thursday Night. (Enrollment limited to 10 puppies)
     Please see Kinder Puppy Registration to verify openings.

There is NO CLASS on ​January 24th.